We would like to welcome you to the United 4 Social Change Writing program.

We really believe that getting our voices heard is one of the best ways to spur any change. The issues we write about are actual people and issues that we are providing voices for. When you agree to write for U4SC, it is so much more than just a resume builder or college application detail (Not to say that it isn’t those things).

Journalism and writing have driven every major change throughout history, and our goal is to be the leaders of a new wave of change. Work published on our site is currently read by thousands of people (and soon more) and you should feel proud to participate in a social movement!

Your articles are due on Sundays, but you can submit them anytime beforehand.

Your outlines are due by Friday evening, so that we can provide you feedback before you write your article. You can submit outlines earlier, and we will send you feedback earlier.

You should read this guide to get started, and feel free to ask any questions.
We will be adding training videos to get you acquainted with the type of writing we want you to do, and then more videos in the following months to help you become better writers.

We give Certificates after 6 months and Letters of Recommendation after 1 year. Your total time commitment for the internship is a maximum of 3 hours a week, and you can work anytime that suits your schedule, as long as we receive both articles by Sunday evening.

You can contact me by email ([email protected]), WhatsApp (+019148266424), Twitter: @pritenhshah, LinkedIn: Priten H. Shah, and Facebook: facebook.com/pritenhshah.

I look forward to working with you!

Priten H. Shah


United 4 Social Change

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